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Digital Cheese
And the cheese stands alone...
Recent Entries 
30th-Jan-2006 01:39 am - Cheese the Movie

Drawing and Images ©2006CMK. Collaboration between Ian King and Cassie Kolasky.
13th-Jan-2006 06:51 pm - Call for Guest Strips
No, I haven't forgotten you all. Life is just very busy right now. I'll certainly try to get back on the ball with this as soon as possible. (Also I'm not sure where all those excited people who wanted to participate are.)

C'mon people, I need some guest strips!

I've updated quite a few comics. This is the Christmas present to those who actually read this thing. And yes, my bank account is hurting a little now... but it's not from Christmas presents as much as everything else that happened I needed money for. XD
23rd-Dec-2005 10:44 pm - Fruity
18th-Dec-2005 05:49 pm - Cheese Spin-Offs
In the true tradition of Cheese, there will be appearing some spin-offs. Way back in the beginning, Cheese always was complimented by some of the spin-offs that other artists did of it. Some of these artists have been there since the beginning and they will be doing some of their own spin-offs here as guest comics.

As it stands, these are the ones I am expecting. The titles are subject to change for some of them because Cheese is never very stable. Anyone who's familiar with Cheese knows that. It's all just a bunch of craziness.

Cheese Gaiden
by Ian K.

The Revenge of Cheese
by Zann K.

Cheese Whizz
by Alex G.

Cheese on a Stick // ChAOS
by Marc B.

If I manage to locate Trevor, I'd love to have a guest strip of Cheddar.
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