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Digital Cheese
And the cheese stands alone...
Cheese Spin-Offs 
18th-Dec-2005 05:49 pm
In the true tradition of Cheese, there will be appearing some spin-offs. Way back in the beginning, Cheese always was complimented by some of the spin-offs that other artists did of it. Some of these artists have been there since the beginning and they will be doing some of their own spin-offs here as guest comics.

As it stands, these are the ones I am expecting. The titles are subject to change for some of them because Cheese is never very stable. Anyone who's familiar with Cheese knows that. It's all just a bunch of craziness.

Cheese Gaiden
by Ian K.

The Revenge of Cheese
by Zann K.

Cheese Whizz
by Alex G.

Cheese on a Stick // ChAOS
by Marc B.

If I manage to locate Trevor, I'd love to have a guest strip of Cheddar.
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